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Links & Resources

For tracking National Bills and Votes check the following websites:








For tracking State of Texas Bills check the following websites:


Resources and Government Websites:


  • The National Federation of Republican Women;

  • Texas Federation of Republican Women;

Local Government Websites:

DeWitt County

  • DeWitt County GOP Chairman - Jeannie Siedel 

Gonzales County

  • Gonzales County GOP Chairman - Liz Hernandez

Lavaca County

  • Lavaca County GOP Chairman - Lorena Kanak

  • Texas Senate District 18
  • DeWitt County GOP
  • Gonzales County GOP
  • Lavaca County GOP - Facebook
  • Lavaca County GOP - Instagram
  • Lavaca County GOP - LinkedIn
  • Texas Values Facebook
  • Texas Values YouTube
  • Texas Values RSS
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