Founded in 1938, the National Federation of Republican Women is one of the largest grassroots political organizations in the country with thousands of active members in local clubs across the nation.

We empower women from all backgrounds in the political process and provide a forum for women to serve as leaders in the political, government, and civic arenas.

Our objectives are to:

  • Inform the public through political and legislative education, training and activity;

  • recruit, train and elect Republican candidates;

  • protect the integrity of our electoral process;

  • promote the principles, objectives and policies of the Republican Party;

  • unite and facilitate cooperation among the state and club organizations; and,

  • increase the effectiveness of women in the cause of good government.



A Republican woman becomes a member by joining her local club or through a national at-large membership. Members of a local club also are granted membership in their state federations. State federations are chartered under the auspices of the NFRW but operate under their own bylaws. Although independent, state bylaws must not conflict with the NFRW Bylaws. 



The NFRW's national headquarters are located at:
124 N. Alfred Street
Alexandria, Virginia 22314
Telephone: 703.548.9688
Fax: 703.548.9836
Web site:

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Website Chairman-Cheryl Thompson-Draper 

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Contributions are not federal tax deductible as charitable contributions.

Corporate Contributions Are Not Permitted.