RWoYA Officers 2017

2017 RWoYA Officers:

Congratulations to our new Executive Committee Members:


2017 Elected Officers:

Cheryl Thompson-Draper-President

Theresa D'Amico-1st VP/Program

Tammy Bennett-Secretary

Kim White-Treasurer/PAC Treasurer


Donna Nevlud-Advisor/2016 President


2017 Committee Chairs/Co-Chairs -Appointed by President

Becky Berger/Karla Klaevemann-2nd VP/Membership 

Martha Stine/. -Campaign Activities

Casey McKee/. -Legislative 

Hallie Hall-JP - Parliamentarian

Loraine Couvillon/ Shirley Johnson-Hospitality

Cookie Crandall/Vicky Jones-Telephone Communication

Evelyn Dixon-Community Relations

Brenda Cash/Helen Applet/Jackie McNerney-Voter Education

Cheryl Thompson-Draper/Brenda Cash-Social Media/Website

Judy Balzer/Shelby Sonntag -Museum

Melba Bucek-Christmas Party 2018

Kim White- Financial Audit

Donna Nevlud/Cookie Crandall-By Laws Review

Brenda Cash-Nominations

Monica Foyt-Chaplain

Cheryl Thompson-Draper/Donna Nevlud/Theresa D'Amico/Martha Stine/Brenda Cash/Helen Applet- Fundraising

 Donna Nevlud-Club Awards


Positions not yet filled:





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