The Texas Federation of Republican Women is a volunteer army unmatched by any other women's organization.

TFRW makes it possible for women to influence how local, state, and federal government manages such critical issues as health, crime, education, taxes and financial security.

The TFRW's longstanding goals of education, training, participation in government, electing Republicans and encouraging Republican women to run for office has helped create a powerful organization.  


TFRW is the second largest Republican women’s federation in the nation and is a member of the National Federation of Republican women. NFRW has over 880,000 members.


TFRW holds fast to the underlying principles of the Republican Party Government by the People and the belief that people such as you much be part of the process if it is to work effectively.TFRW supports working at the grassroots level. Our TFRW members logged in 850,000 hours working on campaigns in just the last election cycle alone.

TFRW is undeniably the most powerful women's political organization in Texas today.

RWOYA's own Becky Berger is the 2018-2019 TFRW VP Finance elected and sworn in at the 2017 TFRW Convention in October!


Congratulations and BEST WISHES!

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Website Chairman-Cheryl Thompson-Draper  republicanwomenofyoakumarea@gmail.com 

updated 8/5/2020  CT-D


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Republican Women of Yoakum Area    Treasurer-Jackie McNerney    PO Box 615 Yoakum Tx 77995.

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